Truck crushes one to death, injures four at Sango tollgate

A truck has crushed one person to death and injured four others during multiple fatal accidents at Sango tollgate on the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway in Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government Area around 4:49 am on Tuesday

According to the eyewitness and the FRSC official at the scene.It was reported that the containerized truck had brake failure and hit the other vehicles at the rear, also ran over a group of commuters waiting to board commercial buses at tollgate bus stop. It ended up crushing 1 person to death and injured 4 including 2 motorcyclists ridder awaiting passengers.

*No. of Injured:* 4(3male and 1female )
*No. of presumed death:* 1(male)
*Rescue Teams:* TRACE ,FRSC and papa Oscar
*Action taken:* The accidental vehicle had been removed from the road while the injured victims rushed to State hospital Ota ,the presumed dead taken to state morgue Ifo.
*Remarks:* Traffic affected initially but the situation was handle professionally, normalcy will soon be restored as efforts still ongoing to tow the containerised truck from the road sides completely while other vehicles affected had been tow off the road to MTD in Sango.

AC Ajibade A.A

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