Sulaimon Ajayi dies after attack by hoodlums in Ota, Ogun State

A welder, Sulaimon Ajayi, has been killed by suspected hoodlums in Ijegemo-Omilende, in the Ado-Odo area of Ogun State.

Gossipers learned that Sulaimon and some residents formed a vigilante group and were securing the community on August 5, 2020, when they were attacked by the gang.

Our correspondent gathered that the vigilantes had accosted two members of the gang around 12am and queried their movements.

The hoodlums, who were not pleased with the questions, reportedly called other members of the gang and attacked the vigilantes.

He said, “We set up the vigilance group after a young man was killed and his body parts removed.

“Around midnight of this fateful day, we stopped a motorcycle conveying two passengers and asked who they were and where they were heading for at that time of the night. After we stopped them, we discovered that they were residents. But they flared up and said we had no right to query them.

“We were still talking to them when one of them hit me with his hands and we started fighting. My younger brother notified a community leader who came out and mediated.

“The man was still speaking to them when one of them called other members of the gang that they were under attack. Within a few minutes, over 20 guys with machetes, axes, broken bottles and charms invaded our compound and attacked us.

“We were outnumbered, so they dealt with us seriously. They used a cutlass laced with charms to hack Sulaimon in the head, while they hit my head with wood that had nails.”

Sulaimon’s wife, Aderonke, told our correspondent that the hoodlums fled the community after her husband died in a hospital.

She said, “I was sleeping when my husband was attacked; he was rushed to a hospital for treatment, but the doctors refused to attend to him till we got a police report.

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