10 things that will resume in Sango-Ota as Weekdays Lock down is fully lifted.

The governor of Ogun State, Dapo Abiodun as just taken a step further to ease the lockdown in Ogun state. And as expected, it’s inhabitants are happy about it

According to the governor, weekdays are now open for movement and work activities till 8 pm, only weekends are now on lockdown. With this announcement, I believe they’re certain things that might resume again in Ota, Ogun state. Here it goes,

1. Soft music. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, Hotels, and bars that operated did it coded with no music. Now that weekdays are free, I believe the music will come back on, but this time, it will be on a low. At least a week or two.

2. Fridays will become the new Sundays in Ota. Owners of event place & spots are not going to fold their arms and watch their business crumble, they will up their strategies. Ota and its people will probably now do all the Gbas Gbos on Fridays.

3. Noise will resume. Sango Ota is also known to be a hub of manufacturing companies that employ easy labor. Now that the weekdays are on, noise from companies, people, and automobiles will resume again.

4. Ninje/Hausa beggars. Poorly fed ninje kids and Hausa(s) that beg for alms around sango bridges might resume again. The pandemic made them all disappear but now, something tells me they’re already kitting up to hit the streets again.

5. Crowd at Tollgate will reduce. Since weekdays are now open, people will have more options and freedom to do things better. Scuffling around the toll gate border will reduce to an extent.

6. Corona is over. Ota and its resident will quickly forget that the fight against Covid-19 is not over yet. The government needs to keep reminding them.

7. Movement. I don’t know why I feel that rice will start flowing. A lot of “Rice” activities happens in Sango Ota, now that weekdays are free, Danfo drivers and it’s “movers” will start work again.

8. Quick Business. Knowingly fully well that weekend is a no-no, buyers and sellers will optimize the weekdays to do all they can. Sharp business will be the new style.

9. People from the other side. Since the lockdown, residents from Ijako, Singa, Ifo, and the likes have not being encouraged to come to Ota like they used to. That will change now.

10. Ota Gossip (Ota_Gossip) will continue to serve you the latest gist’s without any delay.

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